Game Review: “Space Marine”

My goodness I cannot tell you all how long I have waited for a game like this. I believe I’ve made it no secret that I am a total Warhammer fanboy. I love everything about it! I love the fantasy version, with sword and sorcery against the foul machinations of threat beyond the Empire’s borders and below their feet. I arguably love the sci-fi counterpart, Warhammer 40,000, even more! Mankind stuck in a despotic, cruel regime thanks to equal parts necessity and constant warfare. The one man who led humanity into a golden age has been stuck between life and death for ten thousand years, the machine supporting him slowly giving way to the ravages of time. The Imperium of Man is ever set upon by countless enemies, threatening life, limb and even the very souls of mankind. This cheery place is where this game is set.

You are a space marine, a seven foot tall genetically engineered badass who has been training since he was twelve years old to fight the biggest and nastiest things in the galaxy. You know four hundred unique ways to kill thousands of different aliens and even your own species. You are mankind’s final true hope of pulling through the dark times that constantly assail it. So no pressure, right? You can handle it.

Space Marine is centered around the world of Graia, which has a nasty Ork problem. This is a rather big concern because Graia produces quite a bit of military ordinance, including Titans, and if the Orks get it they’ll probably run roughshod over the whole subsector. The Imperial Guard is on its way to liberate the planet, but the space marines are sent in first to sneak around, tear up enemy lines and in general soften up the Orks for the Imperial Guard. But there’s something lurking behind the scenes, worse than the savage greenskins and threatening to rip asunder the veil between reality and things that lie beyond.

There is so much to love about this game. The weapons are over the top, brutal and bloody. The characters on all sides are interesting and well acted, and the combat system really got my blood pumping and encouraged me to jump into the fray. THQ and Relic continue to do a great job with the Warhammer universe. They really do. I personally think this game redeems the Ultramarines, a space marine chapter that has gotten some flak from the fanbase thanks to certain lore decisions, in the form of Captain Titus. He’s the main character and he’s incredibly cool. Yes, he’s a giant killing machine. But you know what? He doesn’t let that separate him from the humans he’s supposed to protect. That’s awesome. He also introduces himself to the Orks via combat drop and downs an Ork ship by himself. The man’s tough and he’s willing to take as many hits as needed to get the job done, that’s for damn sure.

I’ve only got two things against this game. One, it’s on the short side. I completed it in about fifteen to eighteen hours. I think they easily could have put in more for the player to do, though this does give the game a nice fast pace. The second problem is that the multiplayer is a little glitchy. It’s really just a host of small things, but all together they get kind of annoying. I do highly recommend this game, though. It’s loads of fun and it’ll give you plenty of information to enjoy it even if you’re not familiar with the Warhammer universe. In Nomine Imperator!

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