“Towers of Midnight”

The world is dying.

All across the Westlands, food spoils within hours and the land is covered in sickness. The Dark One’s touch is everywhere, and where he strikes reality bleeds. Tarmon Gai’don, The Last Battle, is swiftly approaching as the seals that hold back the Dark One weaken. But with the nations of the Westlands and the Seanchan Empire moving against each other, is there any chance to prevent everything that was, is and could be from falling to the Shadow?

Perrin Aybarra finds himself haunted by specters from his past. On his journey north he is confronted by the entirety of The Children of the Light, a distraction he does not need as he struggles with the wolf within him. His choices will determine his, and their, fate even as the plots of the Forsaken surround him like an ever tightening noose.

Mat Cauthon prepares for his journey to the Tower of Ghenjei to free Moiraine from the clutches of its otherworldy denizens, but as he does he is confronted once more by the Gholam. He will have to use all his wits in order to defeat this deadly foe, but it may not be enough in the face of its inhuman strength.

Rand al’Thor, The Dragon Reborn, finally in touch with his humanity after so long, confronts Egwene al’Vere, the Amyrlin Seat, at her place of power. Seemingly sane once more, he proposes madness. He will break the remaining seals that hold the Dark One to confront him directly. Egwene rushes to gather the support of as many monarchs possible in order to stop him, but is Rand truly mad, or does he some other plan up his sleeve? As the Third Age approaches its twilight hour, let the Dragon ride once more upon the winds of time!

I have recently finished “Towers of Midnight,” the latest book of the Wheel of Time, and I loved it. For me, Brandon Sanderson hit damn near dead on with “The Gathering Storm,” and he only continues to do so with this latest chapter of my favorite series. “The Gathering Storm” was the insertion of the key, and “Towers of Midnight” is the turning of that key. The pacing is fast and gripping, and the interaction between the characters is fantastic. You really get the feel that everything is coming together here in preparation for the end. It’s fantastic, and I assure you it will not disappoint. It’s all coming together, folks. Pull up a chair and get ready to ride the storm. The finale’s almost here, and it’s gonna be one hell of a show.

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